Feng Shui is a Natural Remedy
creating positive energy flow for health, happiness, love, and prosperity

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Home Esteem offers feng shui consultation with:

interior redesign / colors / Aging-in-Place

Recent presentations: Aging Well Confrenences Portland, Japanese Community Honolulu Hawaii, Nursery Store Portland

Healthy Home for Healthy Aging with Feng Shui by Miyoko Fuse

- Comprehensive information on creating a "healthy home" with natural remedies

- Japanese cultural practices are introduced

- Not only for older adults but also family members and caregivers

Types of feng shui Home Esteem uses, please see
Feng shui is design / environment psychology


Business - Beauty salon exterior wall color consultation
Dynamic use of colors for a business that sells beauty and style with a theme of a sailing ship because the beauty salon's name is Boston Cutters.


Residential - furniture arrangement and materials
The screen made of wood & paper contributes to soothing feelings while the color of red brings happy, loving atmosphere. The bedding made of cotton brings a gentle, natural touch while the color of sage gives calmness.

Workshops / Presentations

Workshop at Breitenbush is on their waiting list!

Breitenbush is a very popular retreat and conference center. It has been booked all year around. Home Esteem is on their waiting list. When a spot is available, Home Esteem will give a two day workshop. The dates will be posted here. Please send your e-mail to Home Esteem, we will send an e-mail to you to notify the dates and detailed information.

Interior Design with Feng Shui

  • A small group workshop at Home Esteem in 2019 will be posted. For a private group at your site, please contact Home Esteem


  • Onsite workshop/presentation, please contact Home Esteem