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Ancient wisdom is inspiring in the 21st century


Did you know the solar panels used in space by NASA were derived from a simple form of Origami? The Japanese traditional art has inspired cutting edge space science. Feng shui, the Chinese ancient wisdom of environmental evaluation has influenced some American homes since the late 20th century. Home Esteem helps you to take advantage of this ancient wisdom to create peace, happiness, and a “healthy home.”

Feng shui

Helps you make better informed choices!
Feng shui is all about Chi. You cannot see Chi but it affects your emotion and behavior. The feng shui consultation is a good opportunity to adjust Chi flow in your home and yourself. (Under Corona pandemic, Home Esteem offers a remote consultation.)

yin yang

Harmony with Yin-Yang duality and Five elements

feng shui

Wisdom on space planning, shapes, colors , and materials


Design psychology explains emotion and behavior at home


Clear explanation and practical use


single family houses, condominiums, apartments, trailer homes, retirement units, retirement houses, college offices, massage therapist offices, dentist offices, graphic designer's studios, and hair salons

bedroom / items reused
exterior walls
exteria wall


Thinking about your home is to think about your life, your 2nd life.
Loneliness is an enemy. Social interaction is important for healthy aging. Your healthy home nurtures you to go out and interact with others and feel good to come back to your healthy home.


ADA recommendations / meet your needs


Assistive devices from DIY to a contractor involved project

yin yang

Feng shui interior design for aging-in-place


Eco friendly products / materials Indoor air quality


remodeling, modification, addition of devices, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, ramp, garden, space planning, lighting, colors, and environmental friendly materials.
Home Esteem offers computer renderings to help you see what the design would be.

wheelchair access no threshold
lift design in the garage
space planning / colors
space plan
barn door / bathroom


home esteem
I established Home Esteem offering consultation on feng shui and aging-in-place in 2004. I create positive energy in your home or office that will help healthy interactions, peace, happiness, and safety for you, your family, or your business. I listen to you and I see the potential of space for a harmonious environment that reflects your needs met as well as better communication.

I practice form school and intuitive feng shui to personalize your home or office. I use feng shui design / consultation with my knowledge of interior design, gerontology, and communication. It encompasses a holistic approach including functionality, accessibility, sustainability, and communication. I see feng shui as design / environment psychology that affects your communication skills, emotion, and behavior.

I was born and brought up in Tokyo where old culture and innovative science are mixed. I was accustomed to see transforming positive Chi into homes and business environments. My strength is to create positive Chi in your space to fit your wishes in your homes and business offices.

Miyoko has given workshops and presentations for City of Portland, Multnomah County, Portland State University, Portland Community College, American Institute of Home Builders, Oregon State University, Japanese community in Honolulu, National Association of Professional Organizers, Southeast Portland Senior Support Group, and various public and private sectors.


Home Esteem Miyoko Fuse


Portland, Oregon


Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS)
issued by National Association of Home Builders

Certified Green Professional (CGP)
issued by National Association of Home Builders

Certified Feng Shui Consultant (issued by Emerald Feng Shui Institute) , A member of International Feng Shui Guild

caps cgp international feng shui guild

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MA Communication from Portland State University

BS Communication from Portland State University

AAS Gerontology Portland Community College

AAS Interior Design Portland Community College





Healthy Home for Healthy Aging with Feng Shui (available @amazon.com)

Journal article

Feng shui and aging in place (a journal article in The Encyclopedia of Gerontology and Population Aging)


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